Tax Management

We work with our clients to develop a tax management capability within their organisation, in order to assist senior management to achieve the organisation’s objectives through tax strategies that achieve optimum financial return from its business and investment activities.


Establishing a Tax Function

We assist clients to manage their statutory responsibilities to file tax returns and make tax payments in each country they operate or invest. We provide a framework of policies and procedures that allow clients to anticipate, evaluate and take action to remediate tax risks and exposures and to develop strategies and structures that achieve optimum financial return. We can assist our clients in the recruitment, training and mentoring of an in-house tax team or by providing out-sourced tax management.


Tax Health-Check

This identifies for our client’s potential areas of material tax risk and exposure, including current tax liabilities, utilization/ preservation of tax assets (e.g. tax losses and tax depreciating capital items, existing or potential disputes with tax authorities, tax efficiency of current tax structure(s, withholding taxes and their mitigation through the use of tax treaties, intra-group financing, transfer pricing of related party transactions, and the impact of the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project.


Transfer Pricing

We assist companies to maintain contemporaneous documentation of transfer pricing policies, including the economic data upon which the transfer pricing policy has been based and the drafting of Master File, Local File, functional analysis, and Country by Country Reporting. We can also discuss with our clients on how transfer pricing can play an essential part of planning for tax mitigation.