Corporate Structuring

We assist our clients with practical and professional legal advice to manage their business objectives with limited legal liability. The firm advises on all aspects of corporate structuring, including corporate formality and law, and contractual arrangements.


Franchising and Distribution

We provide legal support to ensure our clients are complying with the regulatory, statutory and other legal mandates relating to franchising, licensing and distribution of protected rights.


Construction, Infrastructure and Logistics Projects

We provide legal advice to ensure our clients comply with regulatory, statutory and other legal mandates for projects in the State of Kuwait. We advise clients undertaking contracts in the construction and infrastructure sector. Our expertise covers a range of matters, including Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects, transportation, shipping and maritime regulations, and water and waste management.


Doing Business in Kuwait

We advise clients on alternative corporate structures and business arrangements for doing business in Kuwait covering both legal and tax aspects. We assist our clients with the incorporation of various forms of entities and establishment of branches, as well as the preparation of joint venture, distribution, franchise and agency agreements. Our advice includes the opportunities afforded by the Foreign Direct Investment Law, and we assist with applications for investment licenses from the Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA).