Arbitration, Litigation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution

The firm works with clients to determine the most suitable choice of law, place and form of dispute resolution to best protect their interests. When it is commercially viable, we promote amicable settlement as the first stage of dispute settlement. Our litigation practice has been instrumental in several landmark cases in the Cassation and Constitutional Courts of the State of Kuwait, thereby contributing to the establishment of legal principles through the judicial process.



Our team handles arbitral cases locally, regionally and internationally in various arbitration centres. Outside Kuwait we often work with respected litigation firms in the relevant jurisdiction. We regularly appear as expert witnesses on Kuwait law before tribunals in international locations such as Dubai, Geneva and London.



Our dedicated litigators tackle a wide range of civil and commercial disputes. They appear before all the courts of Kuwait, including the Constitutional Court and the Court of Cassation.


Other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

We offer a number of alternative dispute resolutions to our clients, including mediation, negotiation and conciliation.